About Us


Hi I’m Lynn

I have always made my own path in life. People said find someone, settle down, buy a house, and instead I took a month off and backpacked through India. I’ve got something in me that wants more. More travel, more education, more than what settling down has to offer. I have been to all 50 states in the USA and have travelled all over the world, mostly by myself and meeting all kinds of people. It’s the kind of education you can’t get from a book. I graduated college in the medical field in my early 20s and have used these skills to help people all over the US as a traveling CT Technologist.

Through all of my travels I have realized a spiritual path that I can’t hide. I am a spiritual healer and life coach, Reiki master teacher and much more (You’ll hear about this later). Even though I love all of my jobs, I feel like I wanted to do more. As a free soul and unapologetic single women, what could I do in empower other people and let them know our words have power behind them? I want to give back to the world, and raise the vibration on the planet. I asked myself, ‘what can I do?’. So l took 3 deep breaths, meditated, had a vision and called one of my soul sisters.

And this is how A Life Untamed was born.


Hey there, I’m Jessie. 

I am an entrepreneur at heart. An aspiring artist and photographer, a wife to a loud, boisterous, history loving, mid-westerner, and a mom to two very sweet children. We are grateful for each other and try to have fun and at least have a good laugh every day. I feel closest to God in nature, i've come to that relationship in my 30s and also realized that I’ve been an empath my whole life, someone who feels deeply and takes on the feelings of others (I’ve learned to deal with that). I desperately want a better world for my children to grow up in, I want to inspire others to live a better life, and all the while showing my children how to give back and be kind to others.

Lynn and I grew up together in western Massachusetts, she’s my sister from another Mother. We have travelled the world together, we have experienced heartache together, we have cheered each other on, and now we are in business together. We hope to give back to the world and send healing vibes out while we are at it.

You’ll get to know us a little better thru our blogs. We occasionally have guest bloggers as well, because hey, we are busy and it’s healing to others. We also want to make sure that EVERYONE is represented. This is a place of love, and if you aren’t about it, it’s okay, you can pass on by, we also send you LOVE.