It All Comes Down to Love...

It all comes down to love. Sound cliché? I hope not. I mean, without love where would society be? Love is in everything that we do as human beings. It starts when we create life. We love and nurture our children to become (hopefully) good humans. These little humans grow up, be inspired by love and possibly go to college to learn about something they love, and hopefully get a job that they love. This passion for their job will become contagious and trickle into other people's lives.

There is nothing stronger than someone who makes people feel seen. The person who cares, and shows love through their occupation. I’m an artist who finds joy in sharing lovely photos and art. There are therapists working in the Alzheimer's unit who notice that their inexpressive patient loves music, brought in a keyboard for him and watched his face light up as he started to play again. A nurse at Lenox Hospital in New York City introduced a new ritual called “Hope Huddles” at the beginning of each shift to share news of patients recovering, inspiring stories and even some humorous stories (we can only imagine what they see on a regular basis!). These huddles are spreading positivity, joy, love, hope, and most of all, increasing morale.

When love is involved in a positive way, all things are possible. Mankind could do so much with love. We can overcome a pandemic, end world hunger, protect human rights, and tolerate differences in our political views. We need to be the human who makes the effort, who never shy away from the ferocity of the world, the human who loves without doubt, who believes in the goodness of other people and believes that love is all you need.

Guest Author: Jenn S.